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Criminal Justice Law Enforcement Automated Data Services


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CJLEADS (Criminal Justice Law Enforcement Automated Data Services) is a database of comprehensive information about criminals that can be accessed via the web in seconds. CJLEADS integrates data found within the state’s various databases –  including warrants, jail records, court records, prison records, probation and parole status, sex offender registration, DMV, Wildlife and Concealed Handgun Permits – and provides up-to-date information about offenders in a centralized location via a secure connection for use by state and local government criminal justice professionals.

The CJLEADS program is a joint effort, managed by the North Carolina Department of Information Technology, with participation from various State agencies and SAS Institute, Inc. This collaborative team has partnered with local subject matter experts to understand industry best practices in criminal justice information sharing and to further the efforts of the project. As a result, CJLEADS was created to replace the manual and labor-intensive process of looking up historical criminal data from multiple systems and places, thus reducing the risk of overlooking critical data and improves the information needs of law enforcement agencies.

CJLEADS has two primary objectives: to provide a comprehensive view of an offender through a single application, allowing for positive identification of an offender through a photographic image; and to provide an “offender watch” capability to alert criminal justice professionals when an offender has a change in status. CJLEADS helps officers on the street know immediately what the offender looks like, if they need to approach the suspect with caution, and if there are orders for arrest or warrants out on the suspect. CJLEADS also lets judges and other court officials instantly know if the defendant sitting in court already has a lengthy criminal history.


User Feedback Survey Results

Your survey results contained overwhelming praise for the CJLEADS application and the benefits it has provided to the criminal justice community.  We were pleased to have all of your responses and will endeavor to address any concerns that were shared as well. Click here to see more information about your responses.


CJLEADS Mobile information

A mobile version of CJLEADS has been developed to allow access through mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets. Much like the desktop version of the application, users can access offender information, DMV, SOR, Wildlife and CHP data along with both offender and DMV images.   Your current NCID user ID and password will be used to access the mobile site and upon initial login users will be prompted to read and accept the terms and conditions of use of the mobile version. 

Authorized users can access the mobile site by simply going to

from your mobile device.  Flash Player is not required to access this web page. 

mobile To see a demo of the CJLEADS Mobile site, click here.


Statewide Deployment

CJLEADS has users in all 100 counties across the state. Training continues and is moving along ahead of schedule!


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We want to know how CJLEADS has helped you do your job and find out if there are ways we can improve CJLEADS to better assist you in the future. Please provide your success stories and/or suggestions by clicking on the "Successes and Suggestions" button below.


Catching Criminals

Read below to see how CJLEADS is helping criminal justice professionals:

Yadkinville Police Department comments on productivity:
“CJLEADS has dramatically increased the productivity of our officers. With decreased budgets, this option has allowed us to maintain a satisfactory level of information services in the field to effectively serve the community.”

Cabarrus County detective used the new public watch list feature:
“An alert another officer at another agency had placed on an offender helped us connect the dots between cases we worked in our own jurisdiction without knowing the other existed until running the subject's name in CJLEADS. Once this link was established, we were able to share our case information which resulted in the positive identification of the subject, leading to four felony warrants to be obtained for his arrest.”

Raleigh Police Department used CJLEADS Mobile to shut down a drug lab:
“Assisted in Meth Lab investigation on {date and case number}. CJLEADS Mobile version was utilized for information gathering in the field during surveillance that ultimately led to vehicle stops and PC [probable cause] for a search warrant that recovered precursors and a small lab. CJLEADS was instrumental in the field and assisted in shutting down this Meth Lab which was a danger to the community.”

Local and federal law enforcement collaborate using the public watch list feature:
“By utilizing the public watch list option, I can identify those offenders presently under federal supervision. When local law enforcement encounters someone on my caseload, they are providing instant notification through CJLEADS which can facilitate a federal violation much sooner than in the past. This has occurred on several occasions.”

Franklinton Police Department officer assesses CJLEADS value to the criminal justice community:
“CJLEADS combines, in a way never before, multiple pieces of information that at one time could have taken days to find. This can never be translated into dollars, but it can certainly translate into a safer state.”

Moore County Sheriff’s Deputy summarizes his use of CJLEADS:
“CJLEADS has provided valuable information on almost every investigation which I have conducted since receiving access to CJLEADS. I refer to this system on every case in order to receive the most detailed information prior to making decisions concerning offenders. I can quickly look at a summary of an offender's life and know what kind of person I am dealing with, or whether or not I may be looking at the wrong person as an offender. I have saved hundreds of man hours so far in research of offenders. I have also been able to locate numerous offenders which I may not have been otherwise able to locate without CJLEADS. I can't express how valuable this system is to me. I don't know anyone at this agency who has a different opinion.”

Eden Police Department Detective cites the usefulness of the watch list feature:
“I am all the time using it to look up suspects. I love the watch feature, there are so many times that I enter warrants on individuals and they get arrested by other agencies and I never found out about it. So using this watchlist I get instant notifications right to my phone when people I'm looking for had been arrested or if people that I am just watching an investigation if they had new charges added to them. I have been a criminal investigator for approximately 12 years and this is by far one of the best tools that came along a long time…”

Raleigh Police Officer says the Partial Plates Report was helpful:
“I have often found other addresses under the offender search that have proven to be helpful. The DMV partial plate lookup is fairly new and I have had a need for it once. It proved to be extremely helpful and aided in locating the suspect we were looking for.”

Wildlife Officer uses CJLEADS Mobile to help find a felonious offender:
“Specifically, a month ago, I was investigating a misdemeanor charge and found the subject to have two outstanding felony warrants. When I contacted the Sheriff's Office they said they had been looking for him for a month. Without CJLEADS mobile I would have issued a citation and moved on.”

Statewide collaboration (NC State Highway Patrol, Sheriff's Department, City Police Departments) using the public watch list:
“The watch list group when made public by an officer is a great tool. I recently had an encounter with an individual from the Wake County area that was a known gang member. Had the officer not been able to put this person on a public watch list, I wouldn't have known this. That was important info due to the fact this encounter was in the western part of McDowell County. Basically we have a way to track gang activity across the state with multiple agencies’ involved.”

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