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Catching Criminals Continued

Cary Police Department 
I was attempting to serve a warrant for a suspect with a long history of drug use and possession.  All attempts failed because he had not updated his address in over a year and had no work history.  But I used CJLEADS and ran his information through that site.  I was able to find an updated address because he gave his Probation Officer his current address.  He was living with his girlfriend and they used her name to get an apartment in the same complex as his old address.  Management thought he had moved and had no idea he was living with this lady.  I made contact at her address: he was located and taken into custody.  If not for CJLEADS I would have had the warrant returned to the clerk as unable to locate.  To me that was a success for us and the Town of Cary.

Cary Police Department 
I have been able to track a habitual DWI offender who was arrested on his second habitual DWI after failing to show up for sentencing on my habitual DWI.  I only learned about the subsequent arrest because of CJLEADS.  I was able to go into NCAWARE and add a comment to his profile about his failure to appear problem.  Consequently, on his 2nd arrest since he failed to appear on my habitual DWI sentencing, he was given a high enough bond that has been in jail for about two months at this point with no signs he will be getting out any time soon.  This guy poses a potential death sentence to anyone he meets on the road.  Hopefully because of the CJLEADS notifications, we have put him behind bars for good.

Wake County ABC Law Enforcement
Wake County ABC Law Enforcement investigated a reported larceny. Security video captured images of the suspect but the suspect was unidentified. Subsequently, the suspect made a purchase using another person’s credit card. While searching for associates of the credit card owner in CJLEADS, the CJLEADS application provided a photo image that was an exact match with the suspect in the video. The photo and information allowed law enforcement to make a positive identification, obtain an accurate address, draw a warrant, make the arrest, and close the case.

North Carolina Department of Insurance, Criminal Investigations Division
During an initial meeting and CJLEADS demonstration with Department of Insurance, investigators requested information about a fugitive they had been trying to arrest for a month and a half. The department had planned to conduct surveillance to apprehend the individual. Using the information from CJLEADS, they determined that the individual was scheduled to appear in New Hanover County court on a traffic charge. When the fugitive was called for court, investigators were present and took the individual into custody. The lead uncovered in CJLEADS saved three to four investigators several hours of surveillance and resulted in the arrest of a fugitive.

Holly Springs Police Department
A Holly Springs Police Officer who had recently completed CJLEADS training stopped to assist another officer during a traffic stop. While questioning one of the individuals in the vehicle, the officer determined that the person had provided a fictitious name. The alias was searched in CJLEADS and the officer found that the individual had outstanding warrants. After confirming the warrants, the person was arrested. The officer proceeded to check the vehicle’s remaining occupants in CJLEADS and found that three of the four individuals had outstanding warrants. All were arrested after the warrants were confirmed.

North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles License and Theft Bureau
On August 20, 2010, at approximately 3:30 pm, an individual upset about circumstances resulting from a driver’s license problem became irate and communicated a bomb threat to the Bladen County DMV Call Center.  License and Theft Bureau Inspectors, using CJLEADS as a resource, were able to find historical address information that allowed them to locate the individual and obtain arrest warrants.  Working with several other local law enforcement agencies, License and Theft Inspectors arrested the suspect at 7:30 pm that evening.

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